In my saddlery, we deliberately uphold working methods that have been tried and tested for over a hundred years. Not out of nostalgia – at least not only – but because we associate them with beauty and durability.

What exactly do we mean by that? The saddler’s stitch, for example, and its variants: the box stitch and the butt stitch; holes pre-stitched with an awl, waxed linen thread, decorative lines drawn with a hot screw creaser, edges polished with beeswax for shine and impact resistance … What more could you want?

The materials we use are important to us. Our leather comes from selected tanneries in Germany, Italy and England, the saddler’s pitch from a small boiling mill in Saxony. When it comes to beeswax, we rely on our own hives, and our tools – after more than a decade of daily use – feel good in the hand.

Stroll through our gallery and discover our collection, bespoke leather goods and respectful restoration.

All leather goods are sewn by hand with the saddlestitch, only for fabrics the sewing machine is used.

The stitches are marked with a pricking wheel
The linen thread is pulled through the pitch
Pre-stitching the holes with the awl
A decorative line is burned in
Smoothing the edge with a broken glass
The edges are coloured with oil dye
Beeswax is burned in
Et voilà!
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